Working Google Now on LG Motion 4G

I take no credit for this! I found this here on XDA and thought it should work on the LG Motion 4G but you will need root to use this.

Here are the links:

I have flashed it on my LG Motion 4G and it works great, no double take and works with voice (on or offline) – I’m stock rooted.

Here is the tutorial on how to install Google Now on LG Motion 4G:

1. Download and unzip the Mikey6_Offline file on your PC

2. Open your phone, go to the file in system


















3. Now go to home to you see the system and just copy over it and it should ask you this


















4. Restart the device


















5. Go back to root explore and go to /system/app/ googlequicksearchbox.apk and rename it to googlequicksearchbox.apk.bak just for back up if you don’t like google now


















6. Reboot the device again and you should see that its saying Android is upgrading 2 applications and just wait and you are done and enjoy google now.

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