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I just installed the new Windows Media Player 12 V1.34 on my LG Cookie and it was fantastic for me.  LG Cell Phone Software

Credit: fabiode34. Thanks for the great job! Original post: http://www.mylgcookie.com

Album Art is working too…
The volume button is also ok… all fine.
I need to learn now how to create the popup menu and volume popup. Someone know?
Here’s a screenshot that what i got while trying to create the music player

Here’s a screenshot for the Windows Media Player 12 V1.34



– Current Time and Total Time added
– File Info added (press the cover to see the info)
– Minimize and Go to library added. Press the song title to minimize and Press the little button that is in the right of the song title to go to the library.
[another updates today¹]
  – Added Equalizer button and equalizer screen
  – Added title to the 2 screens
  – Blocked access to the musicplayer using pc flash player. Sorry
– Added original fadeout to the buttons (The original one that when the real WMP12 hide the buttons when inactive)
– Removed protection that prevent you opening the musicplayer on the computer 
– Added touchfeedback
– Added submenu (isn’t finished yet). Please note that the phone itself that build the options. "Send" and "Use As" isn’t working. Can someone help me with this? That options have another submenu
– Resized submenu and re-positioned.
– Changed submenu options font size
– Removed options "Send" and "Use as"
– Added Shuffle and Repeat buttons (Note: Repeat button is only "Repeat all" or "Off")
– Removed minimize function when touch title text
– Removed file information function when touch cover
– Added Music Title rotation. Now display all infos in one line.
– Added again file protection (You can’t open the player in the computer)
[Another updates today¹]
  – Recovered file information function when touch cover
  – Fixed cover
[Another updates today²]
  – Fixed size of the default player cover
  – Uncompressed default cover image for best quality
  – Cleaned code (Wow i double coded the overall info of the music player oO)
  – Small speed improvement
[Another updates today³]
  – Resized again the default cover image (lol)
  – Uncompressed WHOLE swf. The speed is the best as that i can get.
  – Added compressed and uncompressed dmf version (compressed is to be used in the cust and uncompressed is to be used in internal memory)
– Fixed cover update
– Fixed music title update

LG Cookie Windows Media Player 12 V1.34 App Download

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fabiode34 on 21 April, 2010 at 8:36 am #

and the credits? WHERE ARE THE CREDITS?

fckingstealers on 21 April, 2010 at 10:17 am #

Nice one fcking stealers… posting here without credits with even copy paste changelog…

eatmeballs on 4 May, 2010 at 5:01 am #

i got a kp501 how doi install this?

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