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The LG enV Touch has a very nice display, its 800×480 in resolution which provides a very nice clarity. Seeing as no one else has posted a tutorial, and this is a feature worth exploring, here is a quick tutorial for playing videos on the LG enV Touch. LG Cell Phone Software

Step 1: Download SUPER

Step 2: Install, then run the software.

Step 3: Copy the settings in this image… if you know what you are doing, you can tinker a bit but I don’t recommend it.



Step 4: right click somewhere, choose output location to somewhere where you can find it…press convert, wait for the file to finish converting.

Step 5: plug in your microSD into your PC and copy your new converted video file to the folder called my_flix.

That’s it. then just go to my videos on your LG enV Touch and the file should play. Have a good day! LG-enV touch info

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