Watching videos on LG Cookie

Want to watch videos on your LG Cookie? Simply download any video file you want, and convert it to a *.mp4 file with good codec setting. LG-Cookie info

Watching videos on LG Cookie step by step:

1) Download "Any Video Convertor" here (it’s freeware)
2) Install and run the program
3) Click "add video" on the top of the screen (or use: file -> add video)
4) Use the "mobile phone (mp4)" profile on the right top of the screen via a drop-down box.
5) In the middle of the screen your video name has appeared. Click on it, and make sure it is selected.
6) Now use the following output-settings. You can typ/select them on the right of the screen.

Video options
Codec: xvid
Video size: 400×240 (typ this yourself; it’s not a selectable option in the drop-down menu)
Video bitrate: 512
Video framerate: 24

Audio options
Codec: aac
Audio bitrate: 128
Audio framerate: 44100
Audio channels: 2
Disable Audio: No
A/V Sync: Basic

*Please keep in mind that the 400×240 setting is for widescreen video’s. Use diffrent settings for 4:3 vids!*

7) Now choose an output destination via file -> set output folder
8 ) Click on "convert" (or: convert -> start converting)
9) Done!

It took me about 30 min to decode a 42 min AVI-file (350 mb) into a MP4-file (ong. 190 mb) this way, and my cookie played it perfectly!

I also tried a lot of other video converters (e.g. SUPER(c)), but this one is definately the fastest and best one to use for LG Cookie videos!  Hope this helps! Enjoy!

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46 thoughts on “Watching videos on LG Cookie”

  1. hey this converter needs license key and if we continue then its convert only 3 minute video….
    plz send me the key or solution plz plz plz……..
    thanking to u

  2. lg gs500v support mp4 videos. please use Allok video ssplitter converter ,please follow…

    1-video output-mp-4 mpeg-4 video(*mp4) 2-width\heigth- 400*240
    3- audio and video quality -good
    4-frame rate-14.985 fps
    ok convert your any videos(include 1080fps hd videos)

  3. would u mine plz tell me how to stream no my LG t300 I’m not suppose to watch online video’s on my LG t300 plz give a solution

  4. Or you can try with format factory:
    For LG gs290 select mp4 and there you click on output settings and select xvid codec,512 bit-rate,24fps and for fullscreen movie use 400×240 and where is audio don’t change nothing

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