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After spending many hours banging my head on making my java apps run with sound and networking I finally figured it all out. LG Phone Problem and Solution

Verizon LG Voyager tips – Policy / Java Permission Fix!

Step 1.  Make a note of all your applications you will need to re download them in a few steps. LG-Voyager info
Step 2.  Delete your java applications
Step 3.  Using BitPim (if you don’t know how to use this search the forums) save a copy of the _policy.txt from the brew/asm folder file to your desktop
Step 4.  Edit the txt file,  at the bottom change the complete domain section to this:
domain: untrusted
allow: Application_Self_Start
allow: Device_Connectivity_Bluetooth
allow: Device_Connectivity_Comm
blanket(oneshot): Location
allow: Message_Delivery
allow: Message_Reception
allow: Multimedia_Access
allow: Net_Access
allow: Personal_Data_Read_Access
allow: Personal_Data_Write_Access
allow: Satsa
allow: Sprint_Extensions
allow: MIDP_General
allow: MIDP_Management
Step 5.  save the file and overwrite this back to the phone
Step 6.  use BITPim to reboot the phone
Step 7.  re-download your java applications
Step 8.  Congrats your applications are now working as if they are signed!

I take no responsibility for any of the above actions.  This worked for me and confirmed.
I do see some issues with some applications and sound where there is a slight pause.  This is caused by the programming code and the cell phone processor which is not powerful enough to keep the frame rates up.

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Good day all. Am a new user of this forum and i strongly believe my problem will be solve. I have an L.G phone but once i on it it show error fatal 00922. Pls can anyone help me out? Thanks

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