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This tutorial was posted by npope on Verizon LG Versa forum and I pasted it to my blog to share to you folks. Thanks again for his great job! The tutorial is bout how to put games and make it worked out fine on the LG Verizon Versa phoneLG Phone Problem and solution

Some people have been asking how to download flash games, well if you are using mozilla Firefox use this add on
the add on above still works on the new version of Firefox as far as i know, but if your still having trouble downloading flash games, try this method
well, i didn’t figure this all out by myself, used help from a youtube video.

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1. first you have to connect your Verizon LG Versa to your pc and open bitpim. when it asks for which phone chose the vx9100 and it should be fine.(Long Overdue Edit: you can also select the "dare " option for your phone, and the process will be the same, if it doesn’t work then try using vx9100) LG-Versa info

2. click on view>view file systems

3. there should be a secondary window that has a icon that says  "/" click on it and it  should load a menu.

4.go down to the blue folder tab and click on the plus sign by the folder labeled "flash" and then click on UI

5. Now you will have to choose witch you want to replace,  a wallpaper, or the world clock or ez tip calculator. 6A is for replacing wallpapers and 6b is for replacing one of the tools on wallpapers. now the numbers are in the order you see them on the phone, so the first one is the bubble and the last one is the one of the dogs, now right click what you want to replace and save it in a file where you wont lose it (in case you want to use the wallpaper again)
6b. now Click on tools, and right click the one you want to replace and save it to a folder in case you want the tool again

7. now take the flash game you want to transfer to your phone and rename it to the name of the wallpaper/tool you just backed up. make sure its named the exact same name that the app you want to replace is (minus the .swf) ( so if you are replacing "wallpaperType1" rename the game to "wallpaperType1", same with replacing the tools, if you want to replace the "worldclock" rename the game to "worldclock")

8. now drop your game(which is named the same as the file you want to replace) into the area where the other wallpapers are… and it should be good!

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Stephen on 23 January, 2010 at 12:42 am #

do anybody have world clock app swf file
i forgot to back mine up


Jake on 29 June, 2011 at 8:35 pm #

Dick it dnt work!!

Aidan on 21 January, 2015 at 12:40 pm #

how do i get to the game now

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