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Greetings, Here is a list of Verizon LG Revolution hidden menus. Enter these codes into the Phone dialer program on your device. Please be careful, and read the description before using. If you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t mess with them. LG Android Phones

This is a repost from another forum, credit goes to the poster (not me) link:

From dialer, input the following codes, then press send:

  • Verizon LG Revolution Hidden Menu: ##program910
  • LG Hidden Menu: ##lgservicemenu

When prompted for a code, just enter six zeroes until the dialogue box goes away. Good luck. LG Phone Problem and Solution

Warning: Do at your own risk can jail break cells if messing around with menus and settings to much always good idea to write what you do and original setting to change cells back to normal. LG-Revolution info

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