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lg-dare-vx9700The Dare is not that great for someone not used to a touch screen, but if you are this phone is great and i highly recommend it. The Verizon LG Dare phone is not very good for texting and touch screen is too sensitive for my big hands. The keyboard is great but sometimes a little heavy. The camera is great & convenient so I don’t have to carry my digital camera around. LG-Dare info



LG-Versa-game-pad-module The Verizon LG Versa phone has pretty good response to touch screen, the detachable QWERTY keyboard was great but made it bulky, and you have to have it on to play some games was kind of annoying. It does have a very nice camera, and the overall design was nice. I like the way you can get into certain menus from different screens it make it easy to get what you need LG-Versa info


verizon-lg-env-touch All in all, the Verizon LG enV Touch phone is a great phone. The touch screen is very responsive and responds right when you touch it. The keyboard is slightly different than the Verizon LG enV2 but perfect for texting, I don’t like when using the internet keyboard seems a little behind! I haven’t used the apps much so I’m not sure if this is overall an improvement for me. The speakers are great and they are extremely loud.


verizon-lg-env3-qwerty-phone When I got the Verizon LG enV3 phone, I even couldn’t put it down. I like the phone in a small sleek body and fits comfortably in my pocket and purse. The Verizon LG enV3 does everything I want it to do, and more. Like the Idea of a full keyboard unlike the Dare which was a touch screen and always typed something different then what I had pressed. The keys are large enough to use and the screen is great!


Verizon-LG-Glance The LG Glance is one of my favorite Verizon LG phones. I love how thin the phone is, however, I have to say it just works for beginners. Now it’s available for a low $69.99 with a 2-year contract, $139.99 with a 1-year contract and $219.99 outright.


Verizon LG enV2 Phone

The Verizon LG enV2 is good for texting (I do a lot of texting and find this phone is perfect for my needs), there is some clear coating that does peel off the front keyboard but that’s pretty much a non-issue for me compared to functionality. I want a flash on the Verizon LG enV2 camera (there was a flash on the original) and the camera quality overall just isn’t as high quality.(someone told me the phone takes a clear pics, I don’t agree with them).

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    Verizon LG Chocolate 3 The Verizon LG Chocolate 3 is very easy to use and the display is extraordinary. However, the front screen and click wheel seems a must-have but is not very functional and is pointless to have. If you use the Verizon LG Chocolate 3 phone a lot throughout the day, the battery will die in about 14 hours. If you don’t use your phone much, however, it can last up to 4-5 days. The Verizon LG Chocolate 3 does not have enough fancy features to be at such a hefty price tag, as it is only a simple flip phone.


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    I love Verizon’s LG Chocolate 3, it’s oozing with great features that perfectly suits me. Thanks for sharing.

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