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The LG Mobile Email app has been updated to the newest version that’s being released on Verizon’s new feature phones. So far I’ve seen major UI improvements and the ability to view attachments. Not sure which formats are supported yet though.

It’s available under Get New Applications in Browse and Download. You can just download the new one and it’ll guide you through the process of when to remove the old version, if you have it. LG Cell Phone Software

Verizon LG Mobile Email – Latest Version

  • Version: 7.53 (
  • Build: Nov 10 2010 09:51:20

How to update my Verizon LG Mobile Email App?

Whenever a new version of Mobile Email is released, you are prompted to update your Mobile Email. This may enhance existing features, introduce new features, or add new email services. If your phone loses connectivity while updating, simply start Mobile Email again when you have a signal; if the update has not been completed, you will be prompted again. The application will exit to download the updates. When it’s done, start Mobile Email again.

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