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For parents who are worried about keeping in touch with their children, LG offers a possible solution: LG GizmoPal Connected Wearable can protect your children and keep them safe.

Parents can easily mange the LG GizmoPal through an app (Android and iOS), and LG G3, or iOS device to track their child’s location using GPS technologies. Parents with Android smartphones can also receive their child’s anticipated location information automatically at pre-scheduled times through Location Check, letting them know where their child should be at specified times.

The LG GizmoPal Connected Wearable not only allows for child tracking, but also place a call to a primary or secondary caregiver and can receive calls from two additional approved contacts. A "One Step Direct Call" button will connect a parent’s phone call, and a built-in microphone can let them know what’s going on if they are unable to reach their children.

The LG GizmoPal Connected Wearable is now available for $79.99 at Verizon in two optional colors – blue or pink.


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Jen on 4 May, 2015 at 5:11 pm #

I do like this phone; however, it is not very loud. Say your kids go to the park. If they’re listening to music or playing with friends, they might not hear the phone. Good news – there’s an auto-answer feature. So I guess you could YELL – REALLY – LOUDLY and hope they hear you!

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