Verizon LG Fathom VS750 Firmware V07 Download

Good news to LG Fathom VS750 owners that LG has officially released an update for this phone, called as VS750ZV7. Following is the LG Fathom VS750 v07 software update download link: LG Cell Phone Software

The cab file does open with Windows explorer and the three files are extractable from it:

  • VS750_W_1_0_7_0.dll
  • VS750ZV7_04.SV7_04.P58006.R5.wdb
  • VS750ZV7_04.SV7_04.P58006.R5.wdh

How to update your LG Fathom VS750 Steps:

Step 1: If you haven’t done so already download LINK REMOVED PM FOR INFO and save to the root of your C drive.
Step 2: download lg utils 0.4.2 from and save to the root of your C drive.
Step 3: Make a new folder labeled VS750.
Step 4: place both files you downloaded into that folder.
Step 5: Rename the cab file to
Step 6: Extract the zip file’s contents to this folder.
Step 6: Connect USB to phone.
Step 7: Run KP500-Utils-En.exe in compatability mode for Windows XP SP2 and as an Administrator.
(Only if you are not running windows xp)
Step 8: Choose option J.
Step 9: Type VS750 when it prompts for phone model number. Press Enter.
Step 10: Type when asked for the cab file. Press Enter.
(You do not have to tell it what directory the cab file is in)
Step 11: Type VS750ZV7_04 when prompted for the version. Press Enter.
Step 12: It should now tell you it is loading and the familiar LG manual updater screen will appear with a log window below and start reading information from your phone and then it will flash it. LG-Fathom info

Note: If some error messages popped up while you were upgrading your LG Fathom VS750, just ignored them and scrolled thru the log that is shown under the Phone Update tool. Congratulations! If successful you now have v7 of the software. Enjoy

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