Verizon LG enV3 Drivers

Have you downloaded the drivers from the LG Website and installed the them for your Verizon LG enV3 but not works? Are you having trouble with Bitpim finding your phone? Do you want to use your Verizon LG enV3 as a dial-up connection but your phone can’t connect to your laptop successfully. LG-enV3 info

This issue has been worked out by myself today! You do not need the LG Drivers actually, I just installed the Verizon Access Manager and that all worked fine.  LG Cell phone Software

Verizon Access Manager Download

It works on Windows 2000, XP, Vista.  Mac OSX 10.4.7* ,OSX 10.5*. Hope it’s helpful!

Verizon LG enV3 Drivers – Verizon Access Manager



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