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There are two different icons the first is of the Brown theme, and the other of the Blue theme, with each icon at different angles. Click the links below to download the files.
Brown ThemeBlue ThemeMac Icons

Verizon LG enV Touch USB Mode Icons Instructions: LG Cell Phone Software
Just download, unzip, and copy the ‘icons.dll’ and ‘autorun.inf’ files onto your card memory while in USB Mass Storage mode. The next time you hook up your enV-T the icon and label will show up.



Verizon LG enV Touch USB Mode Icons Notes: LG-enV touch info

  • If you don’t want to see the files then right click, go to properties and set them to be ‘hidden’.
  • Looks cool in vista with the view set to "Extra Large Icons" if I do say so myself.
  • Both icons are in the icons.dll, so you can edit the autorun.inf to switch icons on the fly if you want, change the number from 0 to 1, or 1 to 0.

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