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The last LG Dare firmware V06 is available now, one way to get the update is to go to the actual Verizon store. Today I drove to the nearest Verizon store and got them to update my LG Dare. Verizon doesn’t charge a fee for the update, so this is not only convenient but also secure. LG-Dare info

And the other way is to flash it by yourself, I don’t suggest using this method unless you know how to do completely. LG Cell Phone Software

The following is how to update your LG Dare VX9700 to the latest firmware V06 without bringing the phone into Verizon.

Follow these instructions at your own risk.  I will not be responsible for any damages, injury or death resulting from use of these instructions.  If you follow the steps exactly as described, you should have no problems.

  1. Backup your phone (sounds, wallpaper, contacts, etc)
  2. Download and install LGNPST: LGNPST v1.2 Store
  3. Download the latest firmware: LGVX9700_VX970V06
  4. Extract the zip file
  5. Copy the folder and contents of "LGVX9700" to C:\LG Electronics\LGNPST\model (or wherever you installed LGNPST)
  6. Start > Run
  7. Type regsvr32 "C:\LG Electronics\LGNPST\model\LGVX9700\VRZ\VX9700.dll"
    (if you’re running vista and you get an error, navigate to C:\Windows\System32 – find cmd.exe – right click "run as administrator" – copy in the above and hit enter)
  8. Go to this thread and read over how to update your phone using LGNPST: LGNPST – LG Programming Ap – Flashing Firmware Tutorial

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Wan on 29 January, 2010 at 11:58 am #

I want to do 3 way calling on my LGVX9700 phone and i don’t have the manual can someone help me please.

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