Verizon LG Cosmos User Manual / Guide Download

We’ve know that Verizon has just offered the LG Cosmos to their lineup for a low price. Are you looking for user manual / guide  for your LG Cosmos? So far LG official has not made a user manual / guide for the Verizon LG Cosmos. However, we fortunately found that Verizon Wireless made the user manual / guide himself for the LG Cosmos and ONE PDF file format user guide ready for your download. Hope it helps you, enjoy!

LG Cosmos User Manual / Guide Download:

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27 thoughts on “Verizon LG Cosmos User Manual / Guide Download”

  1. well jason with your disgusting -i-hope-u-get-fired-mouth; send the shortcut manual then ! Either way you cut it, what idiot decided to exclude a user manual ? !

  2. BOY!!After reading all the negative comments on line, plus no user guide,plus unpleasant representatives in our store, I’m not sure that phone isn’t a loser. Requests for a manual are even being ignored. Please tell me these comments are no true.

  3. Well, it’s discontinued. What better revenge?

    P.S. Why did the keep this site open so that everyone can see the quality of their products?

  4. I too was looking for the manual on line. Very disappointed with the small guide that comes with the phone, but heck printing off 145 pages is just not what I want to do. So this phone is useless to me. What a shame.

  5. I’ve been trying to find out how to delete a contact but I have found that it is somehow ‘locked’ and won’t let me delete it!? Can anyone help me? Thanks!

  6. I had one of the older version of this phone which I really liked. I bought a Samsung 4 G which is way to automated for my use and you have to pay extra fee’s for it so I’m going back to the Cosmos. Wish the key pad was a bit bigger like my old phone but we’ll see. Hope I can readjust to going backwards.

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