Verizon LG Ally USB Driver Download

Do you want to tether your Verizon LG Ally to your PC or laptop with PDAnet? Then what you need before tetheringLG-Ally info

The program here: LG Phone Software Update Application Download

To install the program which has the modem drivers. After it installs run it and you will see a section that says Install USB Drivers. Click it and let it work. Now you will not see the Ally in the box next to it but that’s ok. It will then ask your your carrier and then model. Choose LG VS740. It will then download the appropriate drivers and proceed to install them. LG Android Phones

Now hook your LG Ally to your PC or laptop, please make sure that your device’s USB mode is set to Modem Mode so that the program detects your device correctly.

LG Ally VS740 Phone Photos – LG Cell Phone Pictures



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