V20 Baseband for LG Optimus L7

This baseband is made for LG Optimus L7 with V20 firmware. Previously you had to install CM10 on V10k ICS & rooted devices but if you directly install CM10 on V20 JB, then the network won’t work. However, after flashing this baseband, you can install CM10 on V20 and network will work.

V20 Baseband for LG Optimus L7:

Following the steps now:

  1. Download and place the file to the root of your SD card
  2. Reboot into CWM
  3. Wipe Cache and then Wipe Dalvik
  4. Install Zip from SD
  5. Select v20baseband and then select yes to FLASH
  6. Let it finish its thing, go back and Reboot
  7. Enjoy

How to install CWM on LG Optimus L7:

How to install CM10 on LG Optimus L7:

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