The PurpleDrake is a professional root tool that now works on all variants of the LG G3. It’s a fairly foolproof script that includes all the dependencies you’ll need for getting your phone rooted easily.

This PurpleDrake is a Lite version. That means it can only root your LG G3. If you are T-Mobile LG G3 owner, please use the full version of the PurpleDrake Tool, since it will not only root your device, but also install TWRP, and prevent your root checker from showing your phone as rooted!

How to Root T-Mobile LG G3 D851

How to use PurpleDrake to root LG G3 Steps:

  1. Firstly, you need to download the root tool
  2. Make sure you are now in ADB mode (PTP Mode for everyone but Verizon. Verizon users need to be in "Internet"/"Ethernet" mode)
  3. Plug your phone into the PC
  4. In a Linux platform
    • Extract the file you downloaded…
      tar xvf ~/Downloads/PurpleDrake-TMO_VERSION.tar.gz
    • Mark the application as executable, and run it!
      cd PurpleDrake-TMO
      chmod +x purpledrake_linux.sh
  5. In an OSX platform
    • Extract the file you downloaded
    • Double-click on "purpledrake_osx"
  6. In a Windows platform
    • Extract the file you downloaded
    • Double-click on "purpledrake_windows"

PurpleDrake Lite Download:


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