Use IOroot Tool to Root LG G3

If you are the LG G3 owner and looking for an easy way to get the root access on your smartphone, here is a simple tutorial that allows you to get it done in some simple and easy steps. All you need IOroot Tool to get the root access, the best part of the tool is that it works on all the variants of LG G3 like F400K, F400L and F400S.

Warning:- Rooting may Void your Phone’s Warranty and we or developers are not responsible if you brick your device or damage by following this tutorial.

All things you will need:

How to Root LG G3 using IOroot Steps:

  1. Download and install LG USB Drivers on your PC
  2. Make sure your phone is in USB Debugging mode. (Setting -> About phone -> Software information -> tap 7 times on Build number -> Go back Setting -> Developer options -> Tick USB debugging). Plug phone to PC.
  3. Make sure SDK or ADB has been installed, and ADB has the proper permission
  4. Download the latest version of IOroot tool and extract the folder on your desktop
  5. Open the folder and you will see some files on the folder, Right click the root.bat file and select Run as administrator option. If you are a Mac user, run
  6. Now you will see a cmd window. Just hit any key on your keyboard to run the root script
  7. After this your phone will be rooted in a few seconds and then it will reboot automatically
  8. Confirm root with rootchecker


The IOroot tool now has a new version. It’s working for D850, D855, F400K/L/S, VS985 and more.

LS990 is Sprint’s G3, VS985 is Verizon’s G3, D850 is AT&T’s G3, D851 is T-Mobile’s G3, D852 is Canada’s G3, and D855 is International.

  • D850 – 4.4.2 10D
  • F400K/L/S – 4.4.2 10A/10B
  • LS990 – 4.4.2 ZV2 (not working with ZV4)
  • VS985 – 4.4.2 10B


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