USB Data Cable For LG Shine

LG Shine USB Data Recently offers the LG CU515, CU575, TRAX, CU720 Shine phone’s USB Data cable for Price: $0.28, You Save: $59.71 (100%).  LG Cell phone Accessories

The LG Shine USB Data cable Features:

  • New
  • No Sales Tax
  • 3 Month Warranty


The LG Shine USB Data itself works great. It’s a little stiff to plug into and unplug from your phone at first, but it seems to be loosening up (which is a good thing at the moment). On the LG Shine, we changed it to “Mass Storage” and then our PC treated the phone just like an external drive. An added bonus is that it will also charge your phone’s battery as long as it’s plugged in, which if anything, makes this a really cheap and convenient charger. LG-Shine info


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