US Cellular launches LG Mystique Clamshell Phone

LG Mystique is the latest clamshell phone launched by US Cellular, one of the largest mobile markets in U.S. The LG Mystique seems to be a renamed Lotus Elite (Sprint), as its design and features aren’t different from the ones of the latter.

Like the Lotus Elite, the LG Mystique features an external touchscreen display as well as a QWERTY keyboard keyboard once flipped open, a 2-megapixel camera with video recording ability, video playback function, music playback, stereo speakers and Bluetooth support. There is no word on internal memory, but a microSD slot can add up to 16GB of storage. LG Cell Phone News

Expect the LG Mystique will be available at US Cellular on April 23rd, retail for $79.95 after a $50 mail-in-rebate and 2-year contract.

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  1. Beware – this LG Mistique does NOT have the capability of giving you a notification sound when you have a Voicemail – only a text message – useless!!!

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