Upcoming LG Phones 2010

The mobile space has been abuzz with handset phone announcements and releases of late and LG Electronics has been part of the action. That’s all good and well but how does it affect you the local LG Mobile enthusiast? Here’s a list of some of the phones to look forward to in the Q1 2010. LG Cell Phone News

The LG Wine2 and the LG Wine Junior come with clamshell design and they will be available in North America as well. Hope they will be at an affordable price.

The LG Cookie2 is expected to add to the ultra-popular Cookie some new features, improved UI while keeping the price low. LG Cell Phone Previews

LG Stage, LG Goya, LG Sweet and LG Mini, we don’t have much details about these phones, but We are looking forward to the arrival as soon as possible.

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