Unlock LG U400 Shine

This is a toturial on how to Enter Unlock Codes on LG U400 Shine (2 codes needed):
1:Insert the network SIM in the handset which works with the phone (from the locked carrier). LG-Shine info
2:Enter 2945#*88110#.
3:The LG U400 will then prompt ‘Unlock sim’. Press OK.
4:The LG U400 will then prompt ‘Network Unlock’. Press OK.
5:The LG U400 will then prompt- ‘Input Network Control Key’. Enter the 8 digit unlocking code. Press OK. If the unlocking code comes with only 7 digits, add a 0 in front of the 7 digit code. If the unlocking code comes with only 6 digits, add 00 in front of the 6 digit code. If you received a 16 digit code, enter it. The phone will have space for it.
6:It should give you the message: Success.
7:Come back to the main screen and Enter 2945#*88110#.
8:The phone will then prompt unlock sim. Press OK.
9:The phone will then prompt Network Unlock/ Lock but if you scroll down
10 :you will see a message Enter SP Lock. Enter SP Code.
Then press OK.

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