Unlock LG KG245

To Unlock the LG KG245 (Vodafone Australia) step by step:

  1. Insert a Vodafone Australia working SIM card.
  2. Ensure the LG KG245 is charged and then switch the phone on.
  3. Optional Step: If the SIM card has a PIN, enter your PIN number
  4. Wait for the LG KG245 to power up then enter 2945#*7101#
  5. Select Menu , then go to Settings > Security > SIM Lock > Network
  6. Select Deactivate and enter the 8-digit unlocking code provide for your handset.
  7. The handset will be unlocked automatically and will display “Done”. This will be confirmed if you can make and receive calls with the Non-Vodafone Australia SIM card. (You will need reception and phone credit with the different network provider)

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