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I thought I would post here about my experiences with setting up a new and larger SD card so that I could install whatever I liked and not run out of space.

For starters, the LG Android phone should be flashed with a custom recovery first. It is possible to modify the SD card without using the custom recovery but that makes it very simple. Since you need root to do this anyway, my as well just use a custom recovery.

PLEASE DO BACKUP YOUR DATA BEFORE YOU DO THIS. I feel that needs to be shouted since it’s very important. LG Phone Problem and Solution

To do the backup on the LG Android phone:
The Titanium Backup program is ideal for this. Just set a schedule to back up all apps+data and hit ‘Run’.

Once your LG Android phone is backed up, connect the USB cable, enable data storage and copy the TitaniumBackup folder to your computer. Of course, if there are other things you want to keep, like pictures etc. on your card, copy the whole lot.

Change the card (optional)
Now, you may well want to use a larger card. I am now using a Class 6 8GB card. Not noticed a lot of speed difference but the space is nice not to worry about.
Turn the phone off, and pop the little hatch on the SD card. It is latched in place by a spring, you need to push down and it will pop back up so you can remove it. Place the new card in and push it down carefully util it re-latches. Replace the SD card hatch.

Prepare the SD card
Boot phone to recovery (Press power, volume down and home and keep them there until the LG symbol shows up). Your LG Android phone should be in the recovery mode now.
Using the recovery menu, go to ‘Advanced’ and the ‘Partition SD card’. You will want to use the 1024MB(1GB) setting. Set swap as 0. It’ll sit there for a bit but it’s working, be patient. Once done, reboot your LG Android phone . Apps that were on the SD card will not show up, don’t worry, we’ll fix that soon!

Restoring your stuff
Attach the USB cable again and enable data storage. Copy the contents of your backup folder on your computer to the new SD card area.
Load Titanium Backup and restore those applications and their data which were on SD card (e.g. Angry Birds

Your LG Android phone should be back where you were, but you have this 1GB ext2 partition.. now what? Well..

Using Link2SD to move things
Go to the market and download Link2SD. Using that program you can choose to move the less important apps (actually won’t let you move system stuff) to the 1GB ext2 partition (which will effectively be ‘hidden’ from you). That way you can install what you like, link it to the SD’s ext partition and save space. Your LG Android phone should also be able to boot up without the SD card present since nothing that important is on the SD card.

Once you link all applications you feel like, then reboot your LG Android phone (power off, power on). Then you should see your internal storage be more along the lines of 100MB or so.

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