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DSLR cameras are always the first-rate choice when it comes to clicking seemingly perfect snaps. But, who can afford to shell those many bucks, just to get a picture right, right?

If you’re a professional photographer, you probably would, but neophytes like me, who cannot afford to pay too much just to get a snap right, an Android app- After Focus comes as a blessing in disguise.

If you’re wondering how an app can transform your rather mediocre LG Android smartphone camera into a multi-pixel, sophisticated DSLR, here’s the catch.

DSLR cameras click livelier, more realistic pictures, primarily because of the auto-focus feature, which keeps the object under reference, ‘centre’ of attraction. That’s exactly what After Focus does to your photos, ‘after’ you click them.

After Focus lets you blur the background, which helps you gain focus on the desired object in the image. You can choose the focus area manually by swiping your fingers.

You just need to draw the lines, After Focus would detect the focus area for you. (There are both options available- Smart and Manual. I would suggest the latter one though, if the objects in your image are spread out)

The app also allows you to blur background, which makes the object under focus stand out. Additionally, the app comes with a lot of editing options, providing a complete photo-editing solution.

It has just been a few days since the app has been placed on the Play Store and it has already reached 500,000 Download-mark on the Play Store. The app is available for FREE. That’s actually a huge plus, as you get DSLR quality pictures for absolutely nothing.

Moreover, the app is completely simple to use. There are also video tutorials and in-app help pop-ups, which guide you all the way on how to make the most out of your photos and the app, of course.

Go make your LG Android smartphone a DSLR. (Droid- SLR)


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