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Here we introduce you the useful app which names Touch LED Brightness. This app allows you to change the brightness of your LG Optimus 2X or T-Mobile G2X touch key lights, and most importantly, have the level automatically set on boot. LG Cell Phone Software

Root access is NOT required. Use at your own risk. This application is only for the LG Optimus 2X or T-Mobile G2X. LG-Optimus info

This app is not for free, but very cheap. We believe you want to have a try. You can find it in the android market here:

Touch LED Brightness for LG Optimus 2X Photos– LG Cell Phone Pictures
















If you have a reboot on your LG Optimus 2X, then you need to dial 277634#*# in number choosing to enter into the hidden menu, and there you will get a option
"Touch LED Brightness", and then you can adjust it.

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