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The toleROM is made by tolemac, I have not try this rom, but all people who has tried said that’s really great, so if you have interested in it, do it!  LG Android Phones

Following it the tutorial on how to get the toleROM onto your LG Eve/Etna GW620.

If you have installed V10n you can back to V10M or V10G (G is open M is Orange or other opeartor perhaps). LG-Eve/Etna/Intouch Max info

You must to download the firmware:

The updater util:

And the LG utils:

Then: LG Cell Phone Software
1. Install BC2APPSetup.eze
2. Plug in your device (not in debug mode Settings-Applications-Development-debug mode)
3. Execute KP500-Utils-EN.exe
4. Enter I
5. Write the path to the V10G_00.kdz
6. Enter J
7. Enter GW620
8. Enter path to V10G_00.cab file.
9. Enter V10G_00
10. Then the LG Updater is open and trying to flash your phone with the selected firmware.
11. Enter in your LG Eve/Etna GW620 and make factory reset (3845#*620# -> Factory Reset -> Factory Reset)

Then you can flash the ROM. Enjoy it.

Source: http://www.jros.org/tolemac/?page_id=130&lang_view=en

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Peter on 17 October, 2010 at 5:25 pm #

Hey. Great tutorial. It is HEAPS clearer and easier to follow than most of the other tuts out there. But one problem. After I flashed from 10b to 10g my android.process.homecube wasn’t working and I only managed to get into the dialer by spamming all my keys to find contacts. I then did factory reset and it seems to be working. Is this why we need to do a factory reset?

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