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This is concerning the 50% Bug that people have been dealing with for a long time now on their LG Ally. Some people had it before 2.2 but now people who didn’t have it before do now after 2.2. It’s a serious problem and LG has let us all down by not fixing it. LG Phone Problem and Solution

But now news for LG Ally owners! There is a way to stop the 50% bug in its tracks! The method I am about to share with you is from some genius on a different LG Ally forum that I can’t remember where to find lol. It works like a charm and really significantly improves LG Ally Battery life my more then like 75%! I unplugged my phone 1Day, 5Hours, & 39Minutes ago and I still have 49% Battery Life left! Trust me when I say this is a LIFE SAVER for people like me who use their phone constantly. Now on to the good part. LG-Ally info

Follow these instructions to increase LG Ally battery life:

1. Unplug your LG Ally after it is FULLY CHARGED

2. Go to, Main Menu > Wireless & networks > Airplane mode

3. Turn ON Airplane mode

4. Turn OFF your phone

5. Turn your phone back ON

6.  Go back to, Main Menu > Wireless & networks > Airplane mode

7. Turn Airplane mode OFF.

You have now disabled the 50% bug until your next charge. ( Yes I know this sucks that you have to turn your LG Ally off and back on everyday but in the end the extra battery life is so worth the effort).

I hope everyone finds this helpful! Good luck.

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