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Here are some tips and tweaks were in order considering the plethora of customizations the LG G2 has

  • You can change your settings to tabs instead if the long List by hitting menu once your in the settings.
  • You can change the white keyboard to a black or wood paneled one in language and advanced.
  • You can change notification light colors for contacts. In the contact edit field.
    Hit QSlide in the notification to remove those Qslide apps.
  • Long press a notification item and it will go into the settings of that item.
  • You can take a screen shot by holding Power + volume down.

This is one I just stumbled upon. You can add/change widgets on the Lock Screen!
From the Lock Screen:

  1. Swipe the clock downwards to minimize the carrier and owner info.
  2. Press and hold the clock to remove, then add a different widget.
  3. From the Lock Screen, towards the upper half, swipe from left to right, you can add additional widgets on new screens.

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