Tethering up LG Vortex

How to set tethering up on LG Vortex:   LG Android Phones

  1. Once you open your LG Vortex and dial ##7764726660 (if it not works, pls try ##LGSERVICEMENU) and it should bring up a box titled service code
  2. Type 000000 now you should see 4 options one being data.
  3. Click DUN MIP NAI and it should have your 10-digit number@dun.vzw3g.com click on it and delete the dun.
  4. So it appears as 10-digit number@vzw3g.com click ok now press home and your LG Vortex may or may not reboot. if it doesn’t reboot try using the stock app to set it as a hotspot and it will allow you to tether for free. LG Phone Problem and Solution

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7 thoughts on “Tethering up LG Vortex”

  1. Followed these instructions. Do not see the ‘Data’ option (I see “Service Prg.”,”Field Tests”,”Network Select”,”W2BI-TEST SETTING”,”USB Charging”,”Battery Fake Mode”). No “Data”. OS rev 2.2

  2. I performed the steps provided to tether my LG Vortex. The results;
    1. Good; dial ##7764726660
    2. Partially Good; entered pin code 000000 and five service options presented; service prg., field tests, W2BI-TEST-SETTINGS, USB charging, and battery fake mode … Problem; data option not available, therefor my lack of knowledge prevents me from completing steps 3. & 4. …
    3. Please, at your convenience assist me with solving this issue; thank you kindly.

  3. You have to use the ##lgservicemenu option and not the first numerical code given in the article. Just verified on my wifes .

  4. I did the proceeding steps but the dun keeps coming back and i could not use the hotspot on my vortex. How do i permanently delete the dun? I can use tethering via pdanet but I have to reload it every time i charge my phone because the dun.

  5. I used this and my phone is sayin that 000000 is the wrong code, how can I find out what the actual code is?

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