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Starting this Sunday March 6, Target is going to offer the Virgin Mobile LG Optimus V for $129plus a $20 gift card with no contract. Quantities will be limited, no rainchecks. LG Cell Phone News

Something you should know before buying the Virgin Mobile LG Optimus V at Target:

1. Don’t Forget that you can receive %5 off the purchase if you use your red card at Target. The LG Optimus V can only be used with VIRGIN MOBILE service. No you can not use a sim card with it (NO T-Mobile, No Sprint, No ATT) LG Android Phones

2. Yes it can be used as an hotspot. You will have to download an extra app to do that. They are several. However using it as an hotspot is against Virgin Mobile “terms of use” policy. The app most people use are is called Quick Settings LG-Optimus info

3. Yes it can play angry birds. Yes it will have some lag off and on. But for the most it plays great

4. No it does not come with keyboard

5. It comes with a wired headset/ear buds, 2gb microsd card, a microsd to sd adapter, usb cord, charger and manual.

6. Rooting this phone is easy using superoneclick. There are alpha builds of CM7 for this phone but there are few minor issues for now.

7. This phone is similar in dimensions to LG Optimus S so all covers/hard cases/silicone skins/screen protectors are fully compatible

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field on 13 March, 2011 at 2:59 am #

wow only if I would of waited a couple of days the android os have similar functions to apples so if you love your iphone but don’t want to give up an arm or leg then id say go for it however the iphone is far more supieror to a point. total summary its a great mid ranged android quick settings makes this phone easier. to configure volume,brightness,(shows) battery life percentage,mobile hot spot (tethering),3G,GPS,etc.

If you considering the optimus v also known as the vm670 and want an opinion. From an owner function wise,it seems very responsive in fact I’m typing this up on it right now.There are two virtual keyboards on its 3.2 in screen swpye and standard android (2.2) froyo. This version of android os(vm intercept on 2.1) comes stock with goodies such as google search with voice,navigation,google maps,android market,youtube(urge to update youtube when first purchase for better optimal browsing overall).gmail I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting something.

same resolution as iphone 3GS pretty much standard realiable phone for a great price considering the

25$ unlim data 300min
40$ unlim data 1200min
60$unlim everything

plans you don’t feel like your getting robbed I do have some cases when my 3g will stop working for a minute or two 1 to 2 times a day good ratio right? not a big deal unless something like that annoy you. plus all optimus phones will get 2.3 upgrade this includes the V not sure on date maybe sometime the end of march sametime as intercept?

Michael V on 14 May, 2011 at 8:50 am #

Damn I’m Gunna Get That Phone!

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