T-Mobile G2X Tips & Tricks – Fixing Instant Lock Issue

Hi guys, I decided to share this because a lot of us here still facing GPS issue on their phone. I almost give up on my T-Mobile G2X because of the GPS instant lock issue. After I find this tip, now I realized that the T-Mobile G2X has one of the most brilliant GPS hardware. LG Android Phones

How to fix the T-Mobile G2X’s GPS instant lock issue Steps:

  1. Go to settings>applications>map
  2. Under maps:
    • Clear data
    • Clear cache
    • Uninstall updates (you should be able to see the uninstall button if it grayed out then it means there is nothing to uninstall)

Open maps with an open sky first to download the required data, open GPS and BAM instant lock! Feel free to let me know if this woks for you. Good luck. LG Phone Problem and Solution

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4 thoughts on “T-Mobile G2X Tips & Tricks – Fixing Instant Lock Issue”

  1. Well first deliver Gingerbread for OB before you make any further promises LG. Even my Samsung P1010 now have GB, seems like Samsung might be the way to go.

  2. dial 1809#*999#
    Scroll down to GPS Test
    Check Use Extended Conf File (this will be for gps.conf in /data/gps which I will include with the Bionix 2 release)
    Click System Settings
    Check Use XTRAS
    Click SUPL Setting
    Click SLP Server Setting
    Here, you can test for best results. I am using the Spirent server
    Hit back x3
    Click Get Position
    Hit Menu
    Click Settings
    Session Type> Single Fix
    Oper Mode > MS-Based
    Hit Back
    Go outside in a clear view
    Hit Menu
    Hit Start.
    Let it do its thing for 10-15…

    You should be good to go.
    Again, for SLP server, test each one out.

  3. After a lot of fiddling, I’ve found a fairly easy way of fixing the GPS on this device. gps.conf has two lines of code which make a lock nearly impossible. Anyways, here’s the fix. Use root explorer to navigate to /etc and find “gps.conf”. Mount as r/w, and long press gps.conf. Select “Open in text editor”. Scroll down to
    # For SUPL SUPPORT, set the following SUPL_HOST=lbs.geo.t-mobile.com SUPL_PORT=7275


    and change

    Hit the back button, this will save the changes and create a backup of gps.conf which will be named gps.conf.bak . Restart the phone, and use the free GPS TEST app from the market to test the gps. You SHOULD be getting a lock within 5-10 seconds.
    Enjoy your fixed gps!

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