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StockMOD is a custom kernel for Ice Cream Sandwich on the LG G2 D802 international models, based on the official stock LG v10a kernel with some memory management and performance tweaks.

StockMOD kernel Features:
– ExFAT support for USB OTG / Card readers with large drives
– CIFS network share mounting supported
– Voltage control support (no built in UV, but configurable via apps like SetCPU)
– Optimised kernel libraries
– MSM SoC + Kernel "always-on" logging and debugging disabled to save CPU cycles
– Simple GPU governor
– Ondemand governor tweaked for lower latency speed shift changes
– Internal kernel function fixes (ie, memory leaks, scheduler fixes)
– SIO scheduler (default, noop, cfq and ROW are available)
– high performance, low latency kernel
– compiled with Os flags and neon-vfpv4 FPU enabled
– Westwood+ TCP congestion control
– Built from official LG v10a kernel source
– Lokified during flash

– Download .zip and copy to phone
– Reboot to recovery
– Recommended to take full system backup, including EFS partition
– Flash .zip
– Reboot
– 1st reboot may take a little longer than usual


If you’re experiencing issues with anything but stock kernels and want to try for stability with options, this would be a good kernel to try.


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