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Stock LG Connect 4G ROM Listing:

Stock – Rooted:

Stock – Rooted – De-Bloated

How to install ROMs on LG Connect 4G Steps:

1. Download the ROM you wish to use.
2. Extract using 7zip, winrar etc.. (on pc – it’s faster that way – typically)
3. Put the extracted folder into the "Backup" folder inside "./SDCard/Clockwork Mod/Backup" on your phone.
4. Download ROM Manager (If you don’t already have it.
5. Open ROM Manager, and select "Reboot into Recovery." Wait on phone to boot into ClockworkMod Recovery.
6. Perform a FULL DATA wipe (Otherwise known as a Factory Wipe)
7. Select Wipe Cache.
8. Select "Advanced"
9. Wipe the "Battery Stats" – (Helps maintain Battery life appropriately with new ROMs)
10. Wipe the "Dalvik Cache."
11. Go into the Backup/Recovery Menu
12. Select Recovery
13. Select the Folder that you just placed within ClockWork Recovery Backup Folder
14. Wait on Restore to complete (It will notify you when finished.)
15. Select "Reboot System Now."
16. Wait on the device to reboot and go to your home screen.
17. Reboot after you are running the ROM and at the home screen. (THIS IS NECESSARY AND MANDATORY AS WELL AS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!)

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Ugh. Did this and am now stuck in a boot loop.

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