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Sprint has announced via its official website that an update to Android Gingerbread for the LG Optimus S is being launched. More than a year after Gingerbread was unveiled.

The update’s software version is LS670ZVJ. It brings with it the usual Gingerbread bits and blobs, most notable of which are the increased overall operation speed and smoothness, one-touch word selection and copy/paste, better power management, and the new Downloads manager.

The update will reach your device over-the-air, and your LG Optimus S will notify you when it’s available. You might not get it immediately though, for the rollout is staggered and will take 10 days to reach all LG Optimus S units. The estimated download and install time is 10 minutes.

Description of Enhancement/Fix:

  • Device not charging
  • SD card unmounting error
  • Device not recognized by Windows SP, Vista, or 7 operating systems
  • Predictive text with Android keyboard issue
  • Voice call volume issue
  • Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) OS upgrade
    • Updated color scheme (includes darker notification bar and black-based menus)
    • New on-screen keyboard (supports multi-touch input and a smart auto-correction function
    • Improved cut-paste functionality
    • New integrated download application for ease in accessing downloaded files
    • Updated camera application
    • Power management and task killer applications

How to Update your LG Optimus S Steps:

  1. From the Home screen, press Menu and tap Settings
  2. Flick down to scroll up and tap About phone
  3. Tap System Updates
  4. Your phone will check for updates
  5. If there is an update, follow the on-screen instructions to download and install it
  6. If your phone displays Your system is currently up to date, your phone is on the most current software version, or the update hasn’t been pushed to your phone yet (See Important Notes above on the rollout schedule) 

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