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For those of you looking for a super slick interface on your LG eXpo/IQ, I introduced the SPB Mobile Shell software v3.5, this thing is unbelievable.  Kinda mad that they didnt design this cool interface to begin with. But its worth every penny ($29.99). I upgraded it on my LG eXpo/IQ and it works geart without out any problems. LG Cell Phone Software

Here is the SPB mobile shell, it costs a few bucks, but is nearly unlimited in tweaking ability. http://spb.com/products/mobileshell/

SPB Mobile Shell introduces the next generation user interface while keeping all advantages of a Windows Mobile device. Enjoy your Windows Mobile phone! LG-eXpo info



LG eXpo/IQ SPB Mobile Shell Cool widgets to customize your Home screen

  • Photo contacts
  • Picture frame
  • Media player
  • Weather
  • Internet search
  • Facebook and Twitter status
  • Wireless switches
  • Phone profile
  • Appointments and tasks
  • … and many others



LG eXpo/IQ SPB Mobile Shell – Finger friendly contacts with Facebook integration

  • Widget-based photo contacts
  • Facebook integration
  • Photo call log
  • Smart contact search
  • 3D favorite contacts carousel
  • Ringtone management
  • Category filter



LG eXpo/IQ SPB Mobile Shell – SPB Mobile Shell comes with integrated tools

  • Weather forecasts
  • Current weather
  • Agenda view
  • World time
  • Wireless switches
  • Profiles
  • Internet search
  • Facebook and Twitter status

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Travis E L on 6 February, 2010 at 12:15 pm #

Gravity sensor support in the 3D carousel dont work with this phone!
Also the 3D accelerator not working!

Need a patch fix for the LG iQ?

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