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This script will help you easily control (enable/disable) the soft-key LED back lights on your LG Connect 4G with the click of a widget.

All things you will need:

How to install: download script manager, install it, give it SU permissions.

  1. First download and install the SManager app above and give it SU permissions.
  2. Use a root explorer and move the script from the SD Card your system/etc/init.d folder (If the init.d folder is not exist, just create one)
  3. Go into SManager and locate the 2 scripts. Click on them and tap the little star button in the top left to make them a favorite. And click the little SU icon while your at it!
  4. Add the widget to your home screen, run the script and turn off the display and then turn it back on.
  5. Enjoy a light free phone

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