Snaptu App for LG Pop GD510

Hi there, I just had a conversation with Snaptu tech support via msn, and they sent me a version of 1.3.0 to try. It works very well indeed. LG Cell Phone Software

The tech said that since the full screen version of 1.3.0 worked they would update the download server code, so future LG Pop GD510 downloads will be full screen.

Here is the .jad file from my LG Pop GD510. This should be available from the actual Snaptu site now which I would recommend over this file as I can not offer any support at all if for any reason it does not work.  LG-Pop info

It is faster than the previous versions I have used. This is by far my most used app so I am happy to be able to share it in it’s latest release full screen.

I hope it works for you and enjoy.

Snaptu App for LG Pop GD510 Download:

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