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I went to the site and ordered some skins off and know quite a bit about what you might be asking. LG Cell phone Accessories

1)  Do the skins, with designs, cover the screen?

The skins do not cover the screen, what it does however, is they give you a link when you get your skin that gives you a link to download a matching wallpaper that way it looks like a seemless piece. I have the screen protectors that Verizon supplied me with so there isn’t any kind of interference with that whatsoever. LG Cell phone Accessories

lg phone skins


2)  Are they fairly durable?  LG Cell phone Accessories

Hmmmm, I would say that they are pretty durable.  There isn’t any way that they would compete against the Invisible Shield, As they are just like decorated sticker type of material that you put over your LG phone.  Although, you could technically get a decal and put it on your LG phone and then you could get the Invisible Shield and put it over it, that way you would have the protection and still be able to see the skin.

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