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Hi, fellows, I decided to share this tutorial on my blog for someone who want to set full songs as ringtones on the LG enV Touch. LG Phone Problem and Solution

What your need before hacking:

  • BitPim [Latest Version]
  • USB Cable
  • LG EnV Touch
  • Your favorite MP3 files

Following the instruction below that it allows you to have full songs in your ringtones, let’s go! LG-enV touch info

  1. Open BitPim, and make sure it detects your LG EnV Touch
  2. Go into the filesystem, and press the + next to brew
  3. Press the + next to mod
  4. Press the + next to the folder "10889"
  5. Click on "ringtones" [Not the "Default" folder]. You may have some custom ringtones already there.
  6. Right-Click, and press "New File…"
  7. Select the .MP3 file from your computer
  8. After the file shows up in the folder on BitPim, reboot your phone
  9. Go to your ringtones, and viola! You should have the full MP3 file in there!

If you still have some issues, click here for the Video tutorial. Enjoy!

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