Screenlock Mods for LG Vu

What you need: a LG Vu data cable    LG Cell phone Software

To apply this to your LG VuLG-Vu info
1) Connect your phone with EFS (See the FAQ if you don’t know what it is).
2) Navigate to LGAPP > Pxo.
3) Delete the screenlock.pxo (Note: to locate the file faster, highlight one of the pxo and then press “s” on the PC keyboard and you’ll get to the “s” section a lot faster)
4) Replace it with the one attached to this post after renaming it respectively (must be Screenlock.pxo).
5) To test out your new screenlock, press the unlock a few times and you’ll see it get updated.
6) Reboot to get your signal back.
7) Enjoy!

Read the full story to download the Screenlock Mods:

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4 thoughts on “Screenlock Mods for LG Vu”

  1. Is there an update I can put on my Renoir so that I can only lock the screen from the button on the side of the phone?

  2. I totally agree. A lock for the LG renoir would be very gratefully received.
    My renoir keeps unlocking in my pocket
    and randomly calling people and using up
    all my credit.
    It’s damn infuriating.
    If there is any way to disable the screen lock (maybe by putting the wrong numbers in the code for the slide lock 0 to 128?) or even better some swf for a PINLOCK that you key in first thing just like an Iphone would be wonderful.

    Thankyou however to the fantastic work
    that all the programmers have done to
    make this phone (which has been a constant reminder at every single moment of how NOT to design a phones software).

    Much Thanks and looking forward to it!

    Bob ;-D

  3. update on previous post…..
    If you go into phone settings, security,
    handset lock, then you can set your phone locked (choose ‘immediately’) with a pin code.

    bob ;-D

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