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We know that many people failed to root their LG Optimus GT540 running 2.1. But have you guys ever heard of the z4root app? This is very easy to do, with just one-click! Your LG Optimus GT540 is rooted. LG Phone Problem and Solution

What this does:

It is an app you install from the market or by side loading, that has a single button that will root your device.  LG Cell Phone Software

How safe is this?

Should be 100% safe – nothing on disk is changed besides the root binaries, so if something goes wrong, simply rebooting the device should fix up any and all issues. Let me know if you find any bugs! LG-Optimus info

Credits: z4ziggy RyanZA

How to root the LG Optimus GT540 by using z4root app steps:

  1. Enable USB Debugging Mode…
  2. Download "z4root" from the Market…
  3. Open the app, click the ‘root’ button

This application is available directly from the market. Search for ‘z4root’. Or you can download it here:

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