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Uninstalling apps you don’t use is a great way to keep some free space for new apps and can sometimes lead to improved battery life or even a faster device. The phone carriers always like to add apps like this and if you own a LG Optimus Elite from Sprint or Virgin Mobile, you might want to continue reading to rid yourself of them and free up some space for apps that you’ll actually use.

These are safe to remove if you don’t use them on your LG Optimus Elite:

  • Adobe Flash Player – Plays online flash content
  • Android Live Wallpapers – Animated Wallpaper
  • Application Stubs – Virgin Mobile App
  • Buzz Feed – Virgin Mobile App
  • Calculator – Built in calculator app
  • Calender – Built in calander app
  • Calender Storage – On phone Calender storage
  • Clock – Built in clock and alarm clock app – Does not affect system clock
  • Downloads – Shows downloads you’ve made from Virgin Mobile. There are 2 download apps. This is one with red logo
  • Email – Email program for pop3 and imap accounts
  • Facebook – Facebook app
  • Gmail – Check Gmail email
  • Google Play Books – E-reader for Google books
  • Google Play Music – Buy and Sync music app
  • Google Search – Desktop search widget
  • Google+ – Google+ app
  • Image Editor – View and edit images
  • LG Wallpapers – Wallpapers
  • Live Wallpaper Picker – Manages live wallpaper
  • Maps – Google Maps
  • Mobile Id – Virgin Mobile App to add customization packs
  • Music Visualization Wallpapers – Live wallpaper pack
  • My Account – Virgin Mobile account shortcut
  • News & Weather – News and weather app
  • Polaris Viewer – Document viewer
  • Quickmemo – Quickmemo App
  • Shopper – Google shopping app
  • Smart Device Manager – Sprint App
  • Streetview – Streetview in Google maps
  • Swype – Swype keyboard
  • Tags – Nfc tag reader
  • Talk – Google talk chat app
  • Tuning Fork – Stupid Virgin Mobile App
  • Tutorial Widgets – Tutorial widget
  • VM Icon Pack – Virgin Mobile App icons
  • Virgin Mobile Live – Virgin Mobile music app
  • Virgin Mobile Live Widget – Virgin Mobile live widget
  • Voice Dialer – Voice dialing feature
  • Voice Recorder – Voice recording app
  • Voice Search – Voice search feature
  • Voicemail – Voicemail desktop shortcut
  • Wallet – Google Wallet
  • Wikipedia – Wikipedia App
  • Yelp – Yelp app
  • YouTube – YouTube app

These can be removed with caution

  • Android Keyboard – Default android keyboard – Only remove if another keyboard is set as system app
  • Browser – Only remove if you have another web browser installed
  • Camera – Only remove if you have another camera app installed
  • Downloads – Handles downloads for Google apps.. Youtube, Picasa, etc. There are 2 download apps. This is one with green logo
  • Gallery – Only remove if you have another picture gallery app installed
  • Google Calender Storage – Only remove if you don’t sync Calender to Google server
  • Google Contact Sync – Only remove if you don’t sync Contacts to Google server
  • HTML Viewer – Safe to remove but recommend leaving
  • Launcher – Only remove if you have another launcher installed and set as system app. If not you won’t have launcher after factory reset
  • Market Updater – Checks for app updates. If you remove market won’t prompt you to update apps
  • Messaging – Only remove if you have another text messaging app
  • Music Player – Only remove if you have another media player installed
  • My Uploads – Handles uploads for Google apps, Youtube, Picasa, etc.
  • Pico TTS – Text to speech, can be removed but some apps may not be happy you did
  • Preferred Activity Setter – Sprint app but not sure of purpose – Removed and have seen no issues
  • SSA – Activation app. Removing will prevent activating via app
  • Setup Wizard – First time phone setup. Phone will FC after factory reset if removed
  • Sprint Android Requirements – Removing prevents Activation app from working, Can be removed if you removed SSA activation app
  • TTS Service – Text to speech, can be removed but some apps may not be happy you did
  • VPN Services – Allows phone to Make VPN connections – Should be safe to remove

Don’t even think about removing these on your LG Optimus Elite:

  • Android System – Android operating system
  • Bluetooth Share – Bluetooth function
  • Camera Test – Camer test app for LG Hidden Menu
  • Certificate Installer – Manages Secure Certificates
  • Contacts – Your contact list
  • Contact Storage – On phone contact storage
  • DRM Protected Content Storage – Handles rights to protected media
  • Dialer – Phone Dialer
  • Dialer Storage – Syncs something to Google
  • Download Manager – Handles Downloads
  • Framework.apk – Icons and Various theme settings
  • Google Backup Transport – Backs up phone settings to Google
  • Google Partner Setup – Not sure yet
  • Google Play Store – App store
  • Google Services Framework – Handles Google login
  • Home Screen Tips – Desktop tip widget. Will make phone FC after factory reset
  • LG MLT – Not sure yet
  • LG Hidden Menu – LG programming menu. Not sure if safe to remove
  • Market Feedback Agent – Allows apps to prompt you for feedback on market. not sure if safe to remove yet
  • Media Storage – Handles on phone media storage
  • Network Location – Tower based location info
  • NFC Service – Near field communications – Removal will result in FC’s
  • NFC Handover – Near field communications – Removal will result in FC’s
  • Package Access Helper – Handles app installs
  • Package Installer – Handles app installs
  • Search Application Provider – Not sure yet
  • Sensor Test – Test proximity and accelerometer
  • Service Program Menu – The ##virgin# programming menu
  • Settings – Phone settings
  • Settings Storage – On phone setting storage
  • Status Bar – Status bar
  • System_ui.apk – User Interface
  • UTS UI – not sure yet
  • User Dictionary – Stores words you add to phone
  • – not sure yet
  • – not sure yet
  • com.qualcom.prohibit – not sure yet
  • com.sdcard.test – Tests sdcard at startup

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bryanna on 20 July, 2014 at 9:53 pm #

How do you uninstall these apps? i’ve tried going to my apps, but they just say update, so im forced to have these apps on my phone, just collecting dust, and taking up space. The most games or etc I can download is about 5…. WOW… Im disappointed. But please send me an email to me of how I can uninstall these apps. Thanks

upendra ghadi on 9 October, 2014 at 12:05 am #

By mistake, I uninstalled certificate installer, can you help me, how can i load once again
on my L80 LG dual handset?

connie ramsel on 16 January, 2015 at 8:27 pm #

I just installed McAfee and during the scan it identified Preffered Activity Setter as a medium security threat . I do not know how to delete it or what might hapen to other programs if I do. Any help/advice would be appreciated.

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