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One of the utilities of our LG Layla GM750 phone is to reader ebooks. Today there are many websites where you can find all kinds of books, both pay and free.

In beginning to read a book in our mobile only need to install a program and copied to the phone book in the proper format.

One of the main problems is the large number of existing formats, so it is recommended that you install on your computer also a format converter.

Formats to read common books:

PDF: The most common format for PC, however, for use on mobile phones is not very suitable because it is designed so that its design be maintained whatever the means to read it.

DOC / DOCX: The format of Microsoft Office, the main problem is the limitations of the Office for mobiles, especially when working with large files, pictures and more.

TR3: It Tomeraider propietaro format, this format usually the most appropriate for dictionaries, such as SAR or laWikipedia.

TXT: It’s the easiest format to convert both from and to, also has the most programs that allow you to read. The main stick is because it is a plain text.

LIT: Format Microsoft reader ebooks, it’s probably the best format for reading on mobile next to EPUB, since it allows formatted text, images, etc. However, the main problem is that there are books in this format, so you have to convert before you can read them.

EPUB: Free format specially designed to adapt to different screen sizes, allows formatted text, images, indexes, etc.. Apparently the format has more future. Google has chosen for its virtual library.

As in principle it is likely that the particular book you like is not in all formats, I will explain in this tutorial how to spend any EPUB format which I think is the best format for reading books on your LG Layla GM750.

Before you begin, you will need the following programs (all free):

– Text Editor

– Conversion and ebooks manager

– Reader ebooks on your mobile
In both cases I need the. NET CF 3.5: 28 … k-v3-5-en-cab /

Once we have all installed applications need to find the book that interests us, to do numerous libraries exist in virtual internet, a good option to search is to enter on this page:

In the search box put the book or the author of the book, and the right part where it says "everything" click and choose "others"
When results appear, it is better to download one that is in format. Doc, as they become better since that format epub since. Pdf

– If you descargais in. Doc
1. Abris file. Doc with OpenOffice and pinchais on file-> save as-> and you keep as a format. Odt
2. Once the file in odt, you open the caliber and pinchais in the top where it says add book. Seleccionais the book you like (remember to select the one that has odt format, which is not. Doc format)
3. The book appears in the list size. The pinchais seleccionais and above where it says convert electronic books.
4. A new window, right above where it says output format, seleccionais epub. and finally you give it to accept and you hope to become.
Depending on the size of the book, containing images, etc, may take a few seconds or few minutes, be patient, because unless you give some error, convert it correctly.

– If you descargais PDF
You skip the explanation point 1 above, and add any to gauge directly the pdf format, and all other steps are same as above. Although this method seems simpler is poorer results in the conversion, so it is advisable, if possible, convert from odt format.
Once converted only have to copy it to your mobile. If you use the freda, for example, copy the folder you created the program in my documents on your LG Layla GM750.

– It is advisable, when you open the book with open office, eliminating both header and footer, including numbering, as readers of ebooks have their own numbering and is uncomfortable when you are reading that every so often appears headed or a page number that has nothing to do with reality on your LG Layla GM750.

– You can use the gauge option metadata to correct the name of the author, book, etc.. In addition, the program connects automatically to look for missing data, including the cover.

As always, if you have any questions or any problems you can discuss it here.

08/02/2010 Actuazación
I found two programs that we can improve the conversion and the final result of our books in epub format, two programs are free:

– Stanza: In addition to an epub reader for the iPhone, you can also download a converter for your site from multiple formats epub. This program is easier to use than the Caliber also has many fewer features. Is solely a converter. In general we obtain a similar result as that obtained with the gauge. It has the advantage that it accepts the format. Doc, this does not have to go to odt. As a major drawback for me, this converter does not search the metadata (title, author, publication date, page) into a server for inclusion in the book. Just make what you will spend.
Website for download:

– Sigil: This program is an epub file editor. So far turned a book and all we could do to change the result was to modify the source file. But this program can directly open the file and change formats epub, add pictures, chapters, etc. It also works if we want to create an epub from scratch.

Website for download:


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