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Proper battery care for LG cell phone is this! IMPORTANT!!!!!

NIB (new in box) when you open it you are to charge the phone completely before first use. then you should use the phone until low battery appears then recharge the phone to charge complete. do this the first 3 charging cycles to "program" the battery. Then at least 4 charges a week fully discharge and recharge the phone.

If you have say 2 bars and know you need a fully charged phone and charge it its ok. just don’t do that more than 2-3 a week. to further optimize your charge here are some tips! the more signal the slower phone runs dead cause it don’t need to search network as much, the dimmer the display the slower the drain, the quicker the screen locks and turns off for inactivity the better and lastly if your not using your bluetooth turn it OFF! bluetooth and internet activity are extreme use of battery charge. turn them off when not in use. Hope you find this useful.

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