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The LG VX8610 cell phone has an unique design, which will probably replace the VX8550 Chocolate, is a slider style phone with a new look. The touch-sensitive buttons are now replaced with 4 standard buttons that surround a new trackball d-pad (similar the ball used on BlackBerry devices).

The LG VX8610 features will also include: a QVGA display, 2MP Camera, microSD card slot, and microUSB port. Of course, the removable Bluetooth earpiece will be the big sellinng point. The LG VX8610 will also be known as the Verizon LG Decoy. More info coming soon.

  LG VX8610 Cell Phone Photos – LG Cell phone Previews

LG VX8610 Cell Phone Photos

LG VX8610 Cell Phone Photos

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