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The LG Arena Pink is a colour variant of the impressive phone that gives it its name. It retains all the same functions and features however it now comes in a vibrant pink, which will endear it to the ladies. Its impressive array of functions combined with this colour provides a phone which may well be for a limited market but is likely to dominate that market.  LG Cell phone news

The phone comes with an impressive 5 mega pixel camera, with a resolution showing 2592 x 1944 pixels via Scnieder-Kreuznach optics, for those who know their cameras will know only too well the quality of the name. Auto focus and an LED Flash provides the necessary tools to ensure picture quality is second to none. Geo tagging offers the ability to tag by location and image stabilisation adds to the already plentiful array of image taking aids. The camera is also a video unit as well and provides video capture and playback at resolutions of 720 x 480 at a very respectable 30 frames per second. Time lapse and slo mo recording provide additional video related features which only add to the experience. The video can be viewed on the impressive screen or, via an included TV out slot, viewed on a television. LG-Arena info

The screen on this phone comprises of a 3.0 inch TFT touch screen, which is able to display 16 million colours and their variants. This provides the perfect setting for viewing images and video in vibrant clarity. The touch screen utilises the S class touch user interface which is a multi touch input method and ensures easy and simple navigation through the many functions of this phone. An accelerometer ensure images are viewed in the correct aspect whether that’s landscape or portrait and a proximity sensor is also built in that enables auto turn off when the phone is not in use.

Web browsing is a popular pastime and one that can be done with ease on this phone. The 3 inch screen coupled with a high speed internet connection, via HSDPA at a very creditable 7.2 Mbps, provides an enjoyable browsing experience. Memory capacity was obviously on the minds of the designers of this phone, as it comes with an internal memory of 8 Gb, which by anyone standards is huge. GPS navigation is also included with A-GPS support and the impressive Google maps, for finding a location with ease.

The LG Arena Pink is, as its namesake, a wonderful mobile phone which encompasses the functions that many enjoy using in a mobile phone. The addition of the new pink colour variant only adds to its appeal.

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