For all LG enV Touch Users who have some issues on its keypad, the Field Test Mode menu can be accessed by pressing the following on the phone’s keypad: LG-enV touch info

  1. Dial ##lgservicemenu and then press send
  2. Enter 6 zeros (000000) and you will be in the LG service menu
  3. Choose the 1st option, All Auto Test – LG
  4. Choose the 2nd option, Key Press(Qwerty)
  5. Just press each key on your phone and viola! Insta-tested

Hope this helps you! Enjoy! LG Phone Problem and Solution

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Hi, fellows, I decided to share this tutorial on my blog for someone who want to set full songs as ringtones on the LG enV Touch. LG Phone Problem and Solution

What your need before hacking:

  • BitPim [Latest Version]
  • USB Cable
  • LG EnV Touch
  • Your favorite MP3 files

Following the instruction below that it allows you to have full songs in your ringtones, let’s go! LG-enV touch info

  1. Open BitPim, and make sure it detects your LG EnV Touch
  2. Go into the filesystem, and press the + next to brew
  3. Press the + next to mod
  4. Press the + next to the folder "10889"
  5. Click on "ringtones" [Not the "Default" folder]. You may have some custom ringtones already there.
  6. Right-Click, and press "New File…"
  7. Select the .MP3 file from your computer
  8. After the file shows up in the folder on BitPim, reboot your phone
  9. Go to your ringtones, and viola! You should have the full MP3 file in there!

If you still have some issues, click here for the Video tutorial. Enjoy!

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Hi, if you clicked on this tutorial, you probably tried Wise Pilot For LG GPS app and you haven’t got any signal. This is what you have to do to get signal 30 minutes and you can repeat it every time you want.  LG Phone Problem and Solution

How to use GPS on LG GT500 / GT505 Steps:

  1. Your LG GT500/GT505 phone needs 100% to 80% battery to get stronger signal, charge it
  2. Find a place without 4 story or taller buildings, if not stay at least 40 ft or 13 meters away from them
  3. Start to dial 3845#*505# if you have LG GT505 and 3845#*500# if LG GT500( if you typed wrong 3846 , deleted 6 and finish up with 3845#*505# it will not work. Make sure you get it right first time, if not delete all and start again.) when you tap the last digit , "#", a menu will appear.
  4. WARNING !!! MAKE SURE YOU DON’T OPEN ANYTHING ELSE, IT WILL FUCK YOU’RE PHONE !!!!!! I WARN YOU (to exit the menu press the red button a few times) . ok , so you wanna go to GPS TEST and tap it.
  5. Tap GET POSITION. now you"re end up with this. Now you"re GPS is searching for satelites, 4 or mare to be precisely. if only 3 2 1 or none, no gps.walk untill you get 4 or more. ok. now wait 10 to 30 seconds to end up with this.
  6. Now you’re gps should get signal in less than 30 seconds and this effect will last 30 minutes with all gps apps
  7. It’s done. Enjoy.

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270301 15-03 280312 37-01 280312 37-02



















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