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I found the HTC Today screen plugin that could possibly solve many people’s frustrations with the original HTC plugin.  I have configured it to work in portrait and landscape modes and the task manager icon still works at the top. I had to do some tweaking to get it to look right but it is (in my opinion) worth it in the end. LG-Incite info

You will need the plugin, a spacer, and Advanced Configuration to do this.

Click this link to download the Plugin:

This does not lead to any pages, this is just a direct download link. (Mods if this still breaks any rules just let me know and i will be more than  happy to edit this and upload the cab myself.)

Also, you will need to download a spacer:

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One of the utilities of our LG Layla GM750 phone is to reader ebooks. Today there are many websites where you can find all kinds of books, both pay and free.

In beginning to read a book in our mobile only need to install a program and copied to the phone book in the proper format.

One of the main problems is the large number of existing formats, so it is recommended that you install on your computer also a format converter.

Formats to read common books:

PDF: The most common format for PC, however, for use on mobile phones is not very suitable because it is designed so that its design be maintained whatever the means to read it.

DOC / DOCX: The format of Microsoft Office, the main problem is the limitations of the Office for mobiles, especially when working with large files, pictures and more.

TR3: It Tomeraider propietaro format, this format usually the most appropriate for dictionaries, such as SAR or laWikipedia.

TXT: It’s the easiest format to convert both from and to, also has the most programs that allow you to read. The main stick is because it is a plain text.

LIT: Format Microsoft reader ebooks, it’s probably the best format for reading on mobile next to EPUB, since it allows formatted text, images, etc. However, the main problem is that there are books in this format, so you have to convert before you can read them.

EPUB: Free format specially designed to adapt to different screen sizes, allows formatted text, images, indexes, etc.. Apparently the format has more future. Google has chosen for its virtual library.

As in principle it is likely that the particular book you like is not in all formats, I will explain in this tutorial how to spend any EPUB format which I think is the best format for reading books on your LG Layla GM750.

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How do we get BitPim to work with the LG enV Touch? After searching around the forums on LG enV Touch forum I found that if you go under Settings and tell BitPim to look for the LG enV Touch it will be able to get the data off your phone. Lets start! Just 5 easy steps. LG Phone Problem and Solution

How to get bitpim to work with the LG enV Touch Steps:

Step 1. Download and Install LG enV Touch drivers from V Cast Music Manager Download. It can be found from here:

Step 2: Download and Install the test version of BitPim (1.0.7)

Step 3: Turn on your phone, Tap the middle buttom, Navigate under Settings & Tools > USB Auto Detection > Choose Modem Mode. Plug it in and tap "Drop" on your LG enV Touch. LG-enV touch info

Step 4: Open BitPim 1.0.7 Go to View > View File System. Now, go to Edit > Settings > Phone Type: LG-VX10000 (Voyager)
Now, it should say "LG-VX10000 (Voyager) on COM5 – Manually Set" on the bottom of the screen for BitPim 1.0.7.
*Note: This is what it said for my phone, yours may be on a different COM that is okay.

Step 5: Now, go ahead and click File System and then click the + sign. It may take awhile to retrieve the info on your LG enV Touch.

You have successfully got into your File System for the LG enV Touch! If you want to put ringtones on your phone this way, Open Brew> Mod> 10889> Ringtones and just do a drag and drop to load custom Mp3 ringtones. Happy Hacking! And have fun! ;)

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