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Are you tired of the default theme of your LG Renoir KC910? Do you want to use the iPhone Theme on your LG Renoir KC910? Well if you love the look and sound of the iPhone’s interface, why not get it in on your device?  LG Cell Phone Software

The following is the iPhone Theme for LG Renoir KC910, credit for veritas79, this was posted in German.

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So first time you need the programs: LG-Renoir info
1st LGMDP_1.5_build_12.14_Sep_16_2008

The programs are there Here in this forum.
gives a brief guide to the programs it already – I have again attached with!
By and large, you have only the files in the folders to overwrite! Then close the program and then wait briefly until the cell phone has turned off. Then turn on again et voila: you have a new look!
For a little more individuality I have time soon given the two folders where you can change your start undEndlogos and their sounds!
Logo when turning on and off Change
LGAPP / Media / Images / Default images
here the files: on.jpg Power & Power off.jpg by any equal jpg or gif (animated) only.
Sound when you turn off change:
LGAPP / Media / Sounds / Default sounds
Here the files: on.mp3 Power & Power off.mp3 through their own substitute.
As a little bonus, even a selection of wallpapers.

LG Renoir KC910 iPhone Theme Photos - LG Cell Phone Pictures

dsc00045bildgrendernjf6 dsc00046bildgrenderniq1












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Snake, along with pong is one of the older games ever; here is a free version for LG GM750 LaylaLG Cell Phone Games

Your goal is to eat all "food" blocks as possible and don’t touch the border or any obstacles including the snake body itself. The snake will increase its size after eating a fruit so keep that in mind. Snake comes with 10 levels and you have a password each time you end a level so you don’t have to start from level 1 every time.

Free LG GM750 Layla PocketSnake Game rules:

  • Use the arrow keys or stylus to control the snake.
  • Eat the blocks to make snake grow.
  • Avoid going off the screen or hitting your own tail.

Free LG GM750 Layla PocketSnake Game Download Link

Free LG GM750 Layla PocketSnake Game Photos - LG Cell Phone Pictures

2837_3 2837_4 2837_5










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Open your LG Cookie – Go to Setting – Phone settings – Reset settings – if you haven’t changed the code, then press 0000 (it is the default code). LG-Cookie info

If you have you change the code and don’t remember, then Dial 1809#*500# on your LG Cookie and choose Factory reset. No code required and phone don’t ask: "Are you sure?"  LG Phone Problem and Solution

Caution: If you perform a hard reset, your LG Cookie will lose all data. Be sure to save any unsaved data within a running application before performing a hard reset.

LG Cookie Phone Photos - LG Cell Phone Pictures


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