There is an root app what you can simply root your LG G Watch by one click. Since the root tool is written under Java SDK, so you’ll need to install Java to make it work! For Windows users, you’ll need to install the Driver.

Warning: Do this will lose warranty on your device. I’m not responsible for any damage of your phone. It worked for me with no problems.

LG G Watch one click root tool Download:


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Fastboot mode usually comes up if your LG G Watch went wrong when trying to flash a recovery image, for example when flashing TWRP recovery or ClockWorkMod.

How to enter into fastboot mode:

  1. Press the restart button by using something thin and pointy for around 10 seconds, you will see the LG logo on screen
  2. Swipe from the top left-hand corner to the the bottom right-hand corner in one, diagonal swipe. This will bring you to the Fastboot mode

Another method:

  1. If you turn off the watch and plug in usb from the computer wait for the LG screen to come up and swipe from the top left to the bottom right you will go into fastboot menu. No need to push the restart button.

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Below are a list of all known LG G Watch OTA updates. They all built directly by google, instead of LG. Each time there is a new OTA update, the links will be posted here as they become available. If you get an OTA notification that we don’t have a link for, please pull the filename out of logcat for us before applying the OTA and post it here. Once you post it, I’ll update this post, in case Google pulls it down in the future.

LG G Watch OTA updates:


  • Stock recovery
  • Unmodified /system
  • Unlocked bootloader
  • Basic understanding of command line/shell (to unlock bootloader)

How to Unlock bootloader

  1. Download and set up adb and fastboot
  2. Reboot into fastboot mode (How do you do this for this device?)
  3. Open up a command prompt/shell where you saved fastboot
  4. enter into command prompt/shell: "fastboot oem unlock"

How to flash LG G Watch:

  1. Unlock bootloader
  2. Enter recovery mode via onscreen buttons
  3. Enable recovery
  4. Set up adb
  5. Select apply update from adb
  6. enter into command prompt: "adb sideload <path to saved>


LG G Watch Phone Photos – LG Cell Phone Pictures


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